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PLEASE NOTE Due to the prevalence of  large scale cheating, vote rigging, vote buying and multiple accounts, I will NOT endorse or give publicity to any competiton involving an element of public voting.


Are you running a competition that you would like to have listed on Grape Vine?

How to get  your competition featured on the Grape Vine blog and/or Facebook page

I can't guarantee that I will be able to post immediately as there is sometimes a backlog of competitions waiting to be posted, but I do try to include every competition I am asked to, as long as it is one I feel my readers would consider suitable.

I will only include competitions that are open to UK entrants, are not connected to pay-to-gamble  or payday loan websites and comply with The Lotteries Act where applicable and all current CAP guidelines on promotions. Facebook based competitions must comply with Facebook's own regulations on promotions.

You can send details of your competition to me by emailing 

Finally, if you are running a competition on Twitter, I am always happy to give you a shout out and maybe even enter it myself. You can find me at @janesgrapevine